High Court Judge


Hon. Amina Saho Ceesay

Honourable Justice Amina Saho Ceesay is a distinguished member of the Court of Appeal of The Gambia, with a career spanning a broad spectrum of the Judiciary of The Gambia. Her tenure began as a Magistrate of the First Class and progressed through her appointment as Sheriff of The Gambia, Master and Registrar of the High Court, and ultimately, as a Judge of the High Court. Her ladyship later ventured into private legal practice before returning to the High Court bench, whence she was elevated by appointment to the Court of Appeal of The Gambia.

Justice Saho Ceesay has made significant contributions to the legal profession in The Gambia, as evidenced by her membership in the General Legal Council and her role as a steward of the enrolment and legal education sub-committees. Additionally, she has served as an overseer and Director-General of The Gambia Law School, where she currently lectures on the Advocacy Skills course.

As the Complaints Review Board Chairperson, a quasi-judicial entity with the power to hear and resolve complaints arising from the public procurement process, Justice Saho Ceesay brings her vast experience and expertise in legal matters to bear.

In 2023, with her exemplary leadership qualities and remarkable experience in the legal profession, Her Ladyship was elected President of the Gambia Judges Association.