High Court Judge


Hon. Justice Ebrima Jaiteh

Honourable Justice Ebrima Jaiteh stands as a pillar of integrity and expertise within The Gambia's judicial realm. With a career marked by dedication and versatility, Justice Jaiteh has made significant contributions to the legal landscape, both domestically and internationally.


Since 2017, Justice Jaiteh has served as a Judge of the High Court of The Gambia, bringing his wealth of experience and keen legal acumen to the bench. Notably, he is assigned to the Special Criminal Division of the High Court, where his commitment to justice shines brightly.


In addition to his role as a Judge, Justice Jaiteh has undertaken various special assignments, showcasing his leadership and commitment to the legal profession. He serves as a member of the General Legal Council, where he has contributed his insights to matters of legal importance since 2021. Furthermore, he has chaired the Legal Year Committee since 2022, playing a pivotal role in organizing and overseeing legal events throughout the year. As the Vice Chair of the Prison Visiting Committee since 2023, he demonstrates his dedication to ensuring the humane treatment of individuals within the criminal justice system.


Prior to his esteemed judicial career, Justice Jaiteh held several key positions that have shaped his expertise and perspective. He served as the Head of Sutukoba Law Chambers, demonstrating his leadership skills and legal prowess. Before that, he distinguished himself as a First-Class Magistrate, showcasing his judicial competence and dedication to upholding the law.


Justice Jaiteh's professional journey extends beyond the borders of The Gambia. His tenure as a Legal Consultant and Research Officer for the World Bank Group in Nairobi, Kenya, underscores his global outlook and commitment to advancing legal frameworks for regional integration. His work on the harmonization of commercial laws within the East African Community highlights his expertise in complex legal matters and his ability to navigate international legal contexts with finesse.


Prior to his international endeavors, Justice Jaiteh served as a State Counsel at the Attorney General's Chambers & Ministry of Justice in Banjul, The Gambia, where he honed his legal skills and served as Lead Counsel at the Fertilizer Commission of Inquiry. Additionally, he contributed to legal education as a pioneer lecturer at the Gambia Law School, imparting knowledge and mentorship to aspiring legal professionals.


Beyond his legal career, Justice Jaiteh's commitment to education is evident through his experience as a qualified school teacher at various schools in The Gambia. His dedication to community service is further exemplified by his role as a Social Research Officer at the Medical Research Council.


Honourable Justice Ebrima Jaiteh's multifaceted career reflects his unwavering commitment to justice, legal excellence, and service to society. His contributions to the legal profession, both nationally and internationally, serve as a testament to his enduring legacy and impact within The Gambia and beyond.